Pegasus - Small Group meeting

Pegasus - Small Group Meeting

NB: Limited registrations


Group:  Small Group
Topic:    Difficult Decisions
Date:    11 September / 12 September
Meeting time:   6.00pm – 7.30pm
Meeting place:   Waiarohia Room, Manaia PHO

Facilitator:   Dr Barbara Carran - 11 September

   Dr Vanessa Vallely - 12 September

There are 3 CME hours available for this meeting: 1 hour pre-reading, 1.5 hours meeting, 0.5hours post reading.
Please remember to sign the attendance register in the meeting room – this fulfils our health and safety requirements, provides an audit trail for paying attendance, and allows us to award appropriate professional development/CME hours.

We look forward to seeing you at your meeting.

Nāku nā,
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